The Importance of Learning How to Think Beyond Common Core

California Common Core State Standards give guidance to schools and teachers regarding what K-12 students should understand by the end of each grade, particularly in Mathematics and English Language Art. Common Core is actually a very good initiative that can ensure the students are well-prepared to enter college or workforce once they graduate. However, relying on Common Core to develop student’s skill is not enough. If we want to give the best to the students, we have to think beyond the Common Core. We have to develop the student’s talent as well as their emotional development. Here are some reasons why we really should think beyond the Common Core for the student’s sake.

Increase Student’s Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skill

The best thing about Common Core is the fact that it gives attention to student’s critical thinking and problem solving skill, especially through the critical reading. However, it will not be enough to develop the student’s critical thinking capability. Teachers and schools must use creative methods that can help developing this skill without sacrificing the academic proportion.

Addressing Student’s Psychological Development

School can be very stressing for students. Not only they have to deal with the subjects and the home works, they also need to deal with peer pressure and challenging social life. Things can get worse when the students cannot follow the curriculum properly. Not because they are lacking, but because their talents lie in other things. The problem with Common Core is the fact that it only put attention to the student’s academic achievement, and not enough to the student’s talent. It can cause massive stress for the students if they find out that they perform worse than their classmates. Of course assessment still must be performed because that is how we can measure the student’s capabilities. That is why Common Core is still important. However, we also should think beyond that and try our best to explore the student’s talent so no students will be left behind.