Bursaries 2017 Info

Do you search for bursaries 2017? Don’t worry because there are so many bursaries for 2017, you just need to know the institutions that offer the bursaries. For you who want to know some bursaries for 2017, here the information for you.

Harmony Bursary Program

For you who have talent and want to continue your education, Harmony Bursary Program may become the choice for you to get your opportunity. But you have to fulfill harmony Bursary program’s criteria. Talented student with grade 12 and also students from tertiary education have high opportunity to join this program. But you should also complete the academic transcript, curriculum vitae and other things that is needed ot join this bursary program. For more information, you have to visit harmony website, then you can submit your applications through Harmony website.

NFVF National Film Video Foundation Bursary Program

It is for you who have potential and want to study film and TV disciplines. For getting this bursary program, you have to fulfill the criteria, such as: 1.You are the citizen of South African. 2. You are talented student, 3. You have registered in South African Tertiary Institution. For getting this bursary, you have to apply the application before August 31st. For more information about the way to apply your application, you can send your email.

Brand Design Graduate Internship Learnership Program At Etiket

It is great opportunities for you who want to join internship program. But, this opportunity is for you who have graduated from recognized universities of technology, creative school, copy writing, art direction, design and universities majoring in client service. You should also fulfill the criteria, such as capability to communicate in all aspects, capability to work under pressure, capability to say happy birthday in various versions, and many more. You can submit the application to in the website above

Well, there are so many bursaries besides the mentioned above. But hopefully some information about bursaries 2017 above will be helpful for you.